Summer in Saint-Kitts

Currency: US dollar bills (no coins)  and Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). Language: English

The bright skies, the tasteful dishes, the preservation of natural habitat and the welcoming locals are just a few attributes that make Saint-Kitts, nicknamed Sugar City, a sweet destination. Once considered the gateway to the Caribbean, the beautiful island has managed to perfectly mesh development with the preservation of heritage. 


Take a trip down Brimstone Hill Fortress to get a view of the neighboring islands or hike up the 3,800 inactive volcano to get a breathtaking glimpse of the island.

With a preserve marine environment and an impressive expanding rain forest, you get to fully enjoy the offerings of nature. Head to the port to go on a segway tour, try the scenic railway tours and be sure go out and enjoy the sizzling nightlife, while enjoying local cuisine and moving to the groove of the local music.


For those seeking to take a vacay on their vacay, you can hop on the ferry or glide over on a catamaran to the sister island of Nevis (just 3 km away).